Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Round-neck Shirt

Michal Freeman thank you.....They just want to believe the bad things about her to justify why
they voted for trumphf. There's no other logical explanation except that they hated her so
much....trumphf would do! But he didn't!!!��And if he could he wouldn't because he can't. Myr
Zitro yes we do, without the electoral college, small states get overlooked. We would always be at
the mercy of Florida, Texas, New York, and California.
Phyllis W Hume Trump would have crucified Bernie! Socialist, he would not have won period. I
love Bernie and what he stands for. There is no way he would have won. So let me get this
straight, the Democratic Party steals away the nomination from Bernie to put her on the ballot,
and now you’re complaining about someone stealing the presidency from her, smoke another one
Leon. Mike Morrison Why isn’t it about the country instead of the state? If your candidates and
policies are reasonable you might be surprised who would vote for your party. With the electoral
college the more populated states you named seem to be undervalued. Maybe many of us are
democrats because because republicans don’t value our ideas or opinions and your
representatives refuse to even consider working with ours. Sometimes a middle ground is
possible and not always a bad thing. I cant stand trump. I cant understand how they elected him.
Just look at his attitude and the way he speaks. I dont get you trump supporters. I have never
seen anything like this in this country before.

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Review Russia Didn’t Make Me Vote For Trump Hillary Did Round-neck Shirt

I am old, an a American taxpayer. I always had
spot on instincts about all the big names and events in this country. I know something is very
wrong with Trump. Tony, seriously bro. This isn't a one is better than the other. If you're being
totally honest with yourself, both her and 45 are sh*tty human beings. This country and the
world would be a ton better off with Hillary as President. This guy hasn't drained the swamp, he
IS the swamp. She was right, period!! Don't care if you hate her, but our country would NOT be
in the position it's in now! I've NEVER seen so much hate in my life, as I do NOW!! I'm not
even a Hillary fan but over the past few weeks I've seen a lot of things she warned us about come
true. Marlene Cooper me too.

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I feel running this country, listening and learning about other
countries is a MUST! If we get out of this, we're blessed!! So much damage has been done. You
don't know what kind of economy we would have had! J.C.!! We have worked all of our lives
and have seen taxes on food go way up! You think your tax return was awesome?? Better stick in
away. You're going to need it! I think Trump promotes intolerance and hate, but ultimately we
are responsible for our own words and actions. Dani Ranson I don’t know what you think, but to
me it’s clearly the republicans that have. They hated Bill Clinton. They hated Barack Obama.
They hate Hillary. They hate Muslims, Hispanics and let’s not forget blacks. I’ve hated one
person in nearly 70 years. trump. Its getting worse.put him down under and the world will
change again..then they can go get the spoiled brats and tar them...... I met a lady a couple of
days ago. I asked her if she was from Canada she said yes how did you know and I said because
you said a. The next time I saw her I asked her why did you move from Canada to America I
have always been told that Canada is a better place.

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